IN ASYMMETRY - Share New Single "Hatred Towards The Holy Creature"

Technical Brutal Death Metal outfit, IN ASYMMETRY have unleashed a new single "Hatred Towards The Holy Creature", taken from the upcoming new album "Ashes of Dead Worlds", out May 7, 2021 via Comatose Music.

On May 7th Comatose Music will unleash the staggering debut album from In Asymmetry titled ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’. This is a breathtaking onslaught of raging chaos, a vortex of riffs and interwoven notes delivered at terrifying velocity - yet within the maelstrom each instrument operates with incredible precision; perfect order within perfect chaos. Featuring current and ex-members of Goratory, Deeds of Flesh and The Faceless. In Asymmetry are a formidable, ruthless unit and when ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’ explodes the pretenders to the throne better start running.