HELESTIOS - Stream New Album "Your Pain Tastes Good"

UK's Helestios, a mixed metal band ( melodic death, thrash, prog) founded in early 2020 in UK have released on December 18th, 2020 their new album "Your Pain Tastes Good" which you can now stream full below!

The band commented:

"From musical point of view it’s easy - we’re looking for something that sounds great and gives the right mood and atmosphere, something that we enjoy playing and something that any decent metal listener would enjoy as well! From narrative point of view it’s slightly more sophisticated... We are here to ask questions! We are here to make you think and ask questions as well! We want to raise awareness about things that mainstream media is silent about - every war, every crisis happening is made only with one goal - to feed the rich and make general population divided, scared for their lives, properties, mortgages and jobs. To get control and make sure it stays that way. We don’t like that and that’s why we’ve decided to stand up and talk loud about this stuff! We're not crying for everything to be free, life is tough and you have to do something to earn your living, as long as it's right and not involving other people's suffering! We are here independently and ready to stand together with everyone else for what is right!"


1. Sacrifice 
2. Black Storm 
3. Downgraded World 
4. Back To Where It Starts 
5. Your Pain Tastes Good 
6. All Attack 
7. You Are Free 
8. Return To Baalbek