HATE RITUAL - To Release Debut Album "Compelled by Evil"

HATE RITUAL is a Death/Groove Metal band from Mexico and formed in mid-2017 in Mérida, Yucatán.

Cataloged by fans as a band full of rage and bloodlust, their strong influences refer to iconic and classic groups, such as Bloodbath, Sepultura, At the Gates, Down, Lamb of God and Carcass, to name a few.

This March 12, 2021, after many months of hard work, Hate Ritual will release its first studio album, Compelled by Evil.

Pepe Hernández, guitarist of the band, declares the following in relation to this release:

"The album represents, both for me and for the whole band, pain and struggle, deceit, revenge and other topics, reflected in a certain "hatred" towards intolerance between ourselves and more, since without all that it would not have been possible to show the world what now is 'Compelled by Evil'".

"At the same time, we feel tranquility and satisfaction for the support, response and reception of the people who have been able to listen to us and make their point of view known and who, in the same way, identify with both the music and with each member of Hate Ritual".

With more than 90 thousand listens on Spotify through the playlists "Death Metal and Beyond" (currently inactive), "New Blood" and "La Bestia", a national tour in 2019 and many concerts up its sleeve, the band released a set of 5 singles as a preview and prepares the release of its new album in the best possible way.

It is composed of nine titanic songs, full of crushing disease and malevolence from beginning to end. All recorded and produced by Hexenfall Media in 2020, right in the middle of a pandemic outbreak, but with the best expectations for the year of the release of the material.

Tracklist - Compelled by Evil 

1. Compelling
2. Right By Might
3. Target Acquired
4. Grip & Grudge
5. The Abolishment 
6. Wastelands 
7. Aggression Paid With Aggression 
8. Dismembering Clowns 
9. Eyes Of Wonder