GOOD FOR A GIRL - Francesca Caldara Of UNFD Label In The New Podcast of SPIRITBOX Courtney LaPlante (VIDEO)


Courtney LaPlante, frontwoman of Progressive Metal outfit, Spiritbox has started her new podcast "Good Gor A Girl". In her third episode, she speaks to Francesca Caldara - North American Label Manager for the independent record label UNFD.

During this episode they discuss how Francesca’s parents instilled a love of music in her from an early age, starting her career working on street teams,Why Courtney considers Francesca to be ‘metalcore royalty’, making things happen behind the scenes, dealing with imposter syndrome, working closely with bands on their latest releases, insider tips on how to get signed to a label, avoiding social media, the challenges of being a woman in a senior position within the music industry, travelling, why Francesca’s never had a backup plan, and more.