GOOD FOR A GIRL - Chaney Crabb Of ENTHEOS In The New Podcast of SPIRITBOX Courtney LaPlante (VIDEO)


Courtney LaPlante, frontwoman of Progressive Metal outfit, Spiritbox has started her new podcast "Good Gor A Girl". In her FOURTH episode, Courtney speaks to Chaney Crabb - vocalist for Entheos and co-host of the KoperCrabb Podcast.

During this episode they discuss podcasting, creating music in Entheos, avoiding being pigeon-holed in one genre, how Chaney was influenced by the french electronic band Air, knowing your worth and never selling yourself short, band finances, good vs bad record deals, having to cover tour expenses, the unglamourous realities of being a touring musician, why many metal musicians have to work ‘real’ jobs, Dave Ramsey and his strategies for budgeting and avoiding debt, Entheos’ DIY approach to touring, advice for aspiring metal musicians, viewing your band as a business, Chaney’s marriage to Entheos drummer Navene, working on the Dark Future album, the technicalities of writing lyrics, The Ocean Collective, and more.