GLASS HEART - Present New Single Video "Better Off This Way"

Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore outfit, Glass Heart bring you their brand new single “Better Off This Way” which is an absolutely incredible track. The video to this single is well worth the watch also.

“Better Off This Way” is a revelation. In our emotional story, we deal with the stages of Grief when losing somebody that is important to us, which is sadly something all of us at various points in our life will / have had to face... But with loss, follows acceptance and this song is our take on that very personal journey. “Better Of This Way” is the first piece of a much larger puzzle, and as this year unfolds, we can’t wait to unveil the next piece!

This is a song about the acceptance of loss, and learning to grow from that. In the face of trauma and grievance, we have to look beyond the past and come to realise that life begins with the now and appreciating that. Better Off This Way is a journey into that idea, shining a positive message on the other side of it.

Again, we thank you for your consideration and hope you are all staying safe during these trying time.