dip - Release Anti-Pop Bop, "Fire Escape"

Eclectic Sydney quartet dip are making a statement with the release of their brand new single "Fire Escape", coming as the first single from an extended release set for detonation later in the year. The band will take their new anti-pop bob to the stage Friday March 12 in Newtown to celebrate in chaos.

Recorded in a cabin in Wine Country, Hunter Valley, "Fire Escape" is the bands first release of 2021 and is premiering today at AAA Backstage. The new track represents the disconnect between brainwashing pop hooks and uncomfortable reality. Where there is love there is heartbreak, and where there is happiness there is pain.

Vocalist Dil Harre explains, "the chorus ‘sometimes I wish the world would explode so we could all die together’ was a one line poem I wrote that had this lovely irony: the happiest ending we could wish for is to all go together so we don’t have to miss each other.

"The reason I chose that line for a chorus is because it is the most absurd line in the song, and last year when we were writing it, the world was in an absurd place, yet pop artists were releasing these inspirational COVID singalong videos that were at total dissonance with how everyone was actually feeling. We like the idea of making our chorus ridiculous mantras that feel real, and contain an honest and obscure truth."

dip is Dil Harre (vocals, guitar, synth), The One, The Only YZ (guitars), Christopher Paine (bass) and Al Belling (drums). Formed in the fringes of lockdown number one of 2020, dip got real dark real quick. Constructing a canvass of fuzzy riffs and erratic heartbeats, glitch-rock melancholy, sharp synths and cathartic poetry, dip are painting a picture of the absurd modern life as we know it.

In just a year, dip have graced iconic Sydney venues including The Lansdowne, Frankies Pizza, The Factory Theatre, and an art gallery. The quartet are ready to bring their debut extended play to life in 2021.

"Fire Escape" will be out tomorrow, Friday March 5, to stream and purchase.