BENTHOS - Explore Kaleidoscopic Imagination With New "Cartesio" Music Video & Single

Experimental progressive metal band Benthos have revealed a new music video and single for the song "Cartesio". The video was directed by Stefano Galli. Watch it right now below!

"Cartesio" is the second single from the band's debut full-length album II which is scheduled for a worldwide release on April 23, 2021 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Matteo Magni (Anewrage, Deep As Ocean) at Magnitude Recordings.

"Cartesio represents the beginning of a journey through inner consiousness" says guitarist Gabriele Papagni. "Through the compositional elements of the song, we tried to focus on the reflection of this journey by materializing the beauty of ideas created through imagination." Vocalist Gabriele Landillo adds "One of the funny things that happened to us during the video shoot was everyone getting to throw paint on my face, we couldn't stop laughing! All jokes aside though, filming this video has been a unique experience for us because it is the first music video we actually shot together, and the performance footage was filmed in our rehearsal room at the Papagni's garage."

II by Benthos is a stunning debut of experimental progressive metal. Featuring seven tracks showcasing the band's technical prowess, II quickly catapults the band onto the global metal scene alongside the likes of Periphery, Between The Buried And Me, TesseracT, Sikth, and Meshuggah. The album tells a first-person story about the opposing forces of dualism such as life vs death, intuition vs rationality, and finite vs infinite concepts. The first single "Debris // Essence" is an immersion through consciousness represented with a dive into the deepest part of the abyss. "Cartesio" is the second single off the album which represents the beginning of the inner journey described throughout the album. The third single "Talk To Me Dragonfly!" is a fast-paced jazz-infused staccato of progressive metal which brings the listener on a confrontation with one's negativity resulting in awareness, acceptance, and improvement towards positivity. On II by Benthos there is a lot to digest on this amazing album, but one thing is certain... after you are done digesting this sensory feast you'll be wanting more!