BARK - Come Back Hard With New Album "Written in Stone"

BARK, the Metal group from Antwerp, Belgium, released their third full-length album, Written in Stone, last December.

The hard hitting european ensemble continues to grow and expand throughout the world. The album is already available in Europe and, to date, it will have four physical editions in Latin America: Concreto Records will publish it in Mexico, Grinder Cirujano will do the same in Argentina, Green Revolution is in charge in Colombia, while in Brazil the LP is already available through Your Poison Records.

It is only a matter of time before all this global situation ends and Bark can set foot on a stage again, displaying all its powerful rabies infected riffs for bloodthirsty crowds in all the world.

Martín Furia, guitarist and founding member, stated regarding the release of the album:

“After two albums with great reception, we are very excited that “Written in Stone” can be released in Europe and Latin America. We are proud to have done it entirely from songwriting to final mixing ourselves. We believe this is the best example of what the band is capable of, from brutality and intensity to groove and melody ”.

The album keeps getting great feedback from the press. Cuartel del Metal, #1 spanish metal outlet, said:

"'Written in Stone' finds Bark more established than ever. This is a hinge job for the band. We hope to have these rabid beasts spreading metal again on the stage real soon".


1. I'm a Wreck 
2. Hitman 
3. They Are All Dead 
4. Mass Lobotomy 
5. Devil Inside 
6. Written in Stone 
7. The Count of Monte Fisto 
8. Fistful of Diamonds 
9. The Spirit of the Streets 
10. Chain Reaction 
11. It Won't Last Forever 
12. Last Breath To the Grave