XANVALA - Release Video For New Single "Janome"

XANVALA has released the thunderous single Janome on January 29, 2021. The rock band has returned to their dark and ferocious facet with this new work.

Janome includes three songs and a DVD with the music video plus an interview with the members.

XANVALA’s music is known for featuring a heavy sound without losing a melodic approach. While previous songs like “XANADU”, “Bunmei kaika” or “Azayakana moudoku” have a brighter sound, the band has also delivered some aggressive ones like “Janome” or “CREEPER”. No matter the style, they have been able to pull it off successfully every time.

It’s been a year since their formation and, definitely, these have been hard times for upcoming bands, but XANVALA has been working non-stop to reach new audiences and keep up with the high expectations from fans.

XANVALA – Janome CD 

1. Janome [ジャノメ] 
2. Usei ni kaesu [雨声に帰す] 
3. Hidarimimi no akuma [左耳の悪魔] 

1. Janome (MV) 
2. Interview and Talk about 2020