VOID OF VISION - Release New Single Video "Year Of The Rat" Feat. Jacob Charlton of Thornhill

Metalcore outfit, Void Of Vision have released a new single and music video "Year Of The Rat" featuring Jacob Charlton of Thornhill. 

On looking back at "Year Of The Rat" over a year since its original release, Void Of Vision frontman Jack Bergin describes having a chance to really value his growth since writing the track. "While I still feel like I’m not where I want to be mentally, it’s songs like this where I can truly see how much has really changed around me in such a short space of time. To gain a form of positivity from such an overwhelmingly negative track over the course of such an overwhelmingly negative year speaks volumes to the importance of heavy music and the reflection within it," he says, adding:"'Year Of The Rat' was written for those who have reached their expiry date, for the weak that have finally been weeded out. Watching an undeserving individual have a position of ‘power’ stripped from them has been a common theme throughout the year 2020, this song goes out to them”.