VITTRA - Reveals Debut EP Details And First Music Video!

Rising up from the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal, VITTRA have announced their awaited debut EP, entitled Wardens, which is slated for a release on April 23rd, 2021 through Emrinc Records. 

The story of VITTRA began in mid 2017, when former Helvegen vocalist David Döragrip and guitarist Johan Murmester (ex- Nattas) got together to start a new project. When fellow musicians Alex Smith (drums) and bassist Gustav Svensson joined the line-up in 2018, VITTRA were ready to work on their first output and to take the Death Metal scene by storm! Inspired by bands such as Dissection, early In Flames as well as Megadeth, At the Gates and other similar Thrash and melodic Death Metal bands, the four- piece delivers powerful and merciless riffs, brutal blasts, leading you from melodic and epic drifts to unleash the pure Death and Thrash Metal assaults.

But give ear, as the band just released a first single and blistering music video! Watch the "Necrotic Apocalypse" right below!

Wardens was recorded by Simon Johansson at SolnaSound Recording (Soilwork, Sorcerer, CrashDïet, Wolf) in Sweden, and was mixed by Fredrik Groth (The Storyteller, Apocalypse Orchestra). The EP was mastered by Göran Finnberg (In Flames, Meshuggah, Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Opeth, Hammerfall & many more). VITTRA’s debut will be released digitally on April 23rd.

Says the band: "Finally we take our music to the masses! By unleashing our debut single Necrotic Apocalypse the journey now starts for real! We are thrilled and excited to get your reactions, and get yourselves ready for more to come!"

Wardens Tracklist: 

1. Necrotic Apocalypse 
2. Modest Charade 
3. Cloudbreaker 
4. Wardens of the Grove