UMBRAVOID - Stream New Album "Endoparasitoid"

Blackened Deathcore outfit, UMBRAVOID is streaming below their new album "Endoparasitoid". This is the pure greatness of an album!

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The band commented: 

"Endoparasitoid definition: A parasite that lives inside a host, ultimately killing it and bringing forth new life. In this album we brought to life all of the best alien lore the world has to offer. We are excited to bring you on this journey through the twisting nether and dark voids of space."


1. Emerge 
2. Cosmic Annihilation 
3. Symbiote ft Nicolas Cummings of Until Solace 
4. Dark Dominion 
5. Endoparasitoid ft Ian Bearer of Rings of Saturn 
6. Grasp of Death 
7. Rebirth 
8. Marked 
9. Terraform 
10. Bailiwick