THE SURVIVAL CODE - Release New Video "Magnetic"

Alternative Rockers, The Survival Code have released a music video "Magnetic", the 4th and final single from their EP “Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill”.

The song shows another side to the band with silences and dynamics employed to full effect to help the song build and gather momentum, becoming something unique and powerful. It’s still very much a The Survival Code song, with the familiar riffs and melodies, but offers a new perspective on their sound. The song was meant to be released last year which would have kept it closer to the other single releases, but with all the changes in everyone’s lives, it was decided to push it to 2021. Since it’s official release on 29/1 it has been added to a dozen curator playlists and featured on numerous radio stations - Kerrang! Radio being one of the highlights.

The band wrote/shot/directed and edited the new music video for “Magnetic” which they feel perfectly reflects the song and the frustration of the times. The video is shot in a dimly lit room where a frustrated search is taking place for some missing lyrics. The search keeps bringing back a memory that can’t be escaped, as it’s magnetic.

A full breakdown of the video and the context can be read here