SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK SAKE - Premiere Second Single From Upcoming Album!

April 16th 2021 will see Swedish Post Metal act Suffocate For Fuck Sake release their highly anticipated full-length album, titled "Fyra", via Moment Of Collapse Records. Following their critically acclaimed 2017 record, "In My Blood", the septet is a true master of their craft and creates and incredible depressing and daunting atmosphere, that feels absolutely emotional and authentic. Today Suffocate For Fuck Sake unleashed "15 Missed Calls", the second single taken from the band's upcoming album, streaming below!

Next to their dark, nihilistic sound a trademark of the band was always the added swedish samples (taken from interviews and podcasts). On "Fyra" the samples deal with addiction shown in four different shapes that also mark the different chapters of the album.

"The second single from our upcoming album "Fyra" introduces the character Mikael, who suffers from a long drug addiction and lost the stable enviroment around him and also distances more and more from his family. This song features Arvid Ringborg from Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket as guest-vocalist." the band comments.


01. From the Window 
02. 15 Missed Calls 
03. All Our Memories 
04. Alone 
05. The Surface 
06. Hope 
07. Cosmopol 
08. Beind the Door 
09. To Fall Apart 
10. Here 
11. Small Comments 
12. Quiet