SARIN - Stream New EP "You Can't Go Back"


Post Sludge Metal outfit, SARIN is streaming below their new EP "You Can't Go Back", out now via Prosthetic Records. 


1. Cold Open 
2. When You Melt 
3. Reckoner 
4. Thick Mire 
5. Otherness 
6. Leave Your Body

Drawing influence from bands like Jesu, ISIS and Radiohead, SARIN are pushing the heavy aesthetic through territories less explored with down-tuned guitars, guttural vocals and pounding drums.

Written in the wake of several crumbling relationships, the record centers on the conscious effort towards change; recognizing behaviours and circumstances that make joy scarce, and working to limit their hold on life. The album’s lyrical themes are present in the tonally dense and memorable song structures that build tension throughout, creating an energised and uplifting feeling atypical for the genre.

Although “You Can’t Go Back” is imbued with enough silver linings to make the album an inspirational listen, the process of change - and all its agonising facets - is never far from view.