OCTOPUS MONTAGE - Unchains Video For A Crushing New, Unapologetic and Mental Health-Oriented Single "Voices"!

Mental health issues seem to have become an easier topic to talk about in recent years, with trivial slogans doing the rounds both online and in real life. However, this openness has created somewhat of a double edged sword in certain respects, with a small minority of people seemingly seeing the issue as a marketing point to try and relate to the consumer to force an agenda to increase "followers" or potentially sell some form of a product to receive monetary gain from the issue. In this situation, pop-punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage unleashes "Voices" (after the anthemic "Grow Up", the candid "Right Here With Me", the vicious "A Shortcut" and the dynamic "Dopamine") - an unapologetic dose of realism, which conveys a strong message and utilizes a fast and well-paced combination of aggressive and raw screams, as well as melodic vocal lines to perfectly represent the variety of emotional states related to the topic of mental health, further expanding the group’s sonic palette and music arsenal in enough directions to keep the overall product to aesthetically pleasing levels of the highest degree.

Providing further information about the purpose of "Voices" and its main goal, Octopus Montage comments: "The track takes away the bullshit surrounding mental issues. All too often they can be made to look trendy or used as a quirk when - in reality - anyone who suffers with one knows that they would do anything to get rid of it."