MOON DEVOURED - Share New Single "Sink Like Teeth" (Feat. Atlantis)

Experimental atmospheric Downtempo Deathcore act, MOON DEVOURED has shared a new single "Sink Like Teeth" (Feat. Atlantis).   

The sixth track from Moon Devoured's upcoming full-length album, SLOW DEATH; featuring guest vocals by Atlantis. SINK LIKE TEETH and the other ten tracks on the album were instrumentally written and mixed by Alex Sevigny of Divine Destruction, Planetkiller, and Litterbox Massacre. All primary vocals, and all lyrics, were written and recorded by Jacob Dring. The commissioned artwork is by Godmachine, and the lyrics video is by Jon Lievano of Malevolent Media, who also features on the album. Other features on SLOW DEATH include Big Chef, Divinitist vocalist Ryu Miura, guitarist Aaron Chaparian of Sever the King and Iron Audio, and unsigned vocalist Josatan. SLOW DEATH awaits a mid-February release.