MAITREYA - Delves Into An AI World With Single “Departed” Off Upcoming “Hyper Reels”

Hailing from Oshawa, Canada, Maitreya is excited to announce their upcoming album “Hyper Reels” slated for a June 2021 release. They have just released the second single “Departed”, which was originally premiered on TheProgSpace.

This new album boasts a higher degree of musical complexity, filthy breakdowns and a wider range on the vocals ebbing from melodic cleans into sustained growls set to a whirlwind of complicated riffs. Maitreya comments on the single:

“Departed is the most complex and exploratory song on the record. It showcases an evolving and progressive song structure illustrating our signature bag of tricks; frenetic riffs, operatic layered vocals, crushing breakdowns, and dense textures. Lyrically the song borrows concepts from AI fiction (Westworld, The Matrix and Blade Runner) that explore the nature of consciousness, intelligence, and reincarnation.”

Not for the faint of heart, Maitreya’s music is a heavily layered listening experience, a cacophony of styles, merging together to create an intense wall of sound that forces you to pay attention to all the subliminal notes and tempo changes.

The album as a whole was put under a microscope during its creation, forcing Maitreya to refine every element and mature past their previous releases. It shows vastly improved musicianship that will only continue to grow as the band forges onward in their career.

A barrage of complexity intertwined with melody awaits fans, especially those who have an interest in The Contortionist, Between the Buried and Me, and Protest the Hero.

Track Listing: 

1. Catalyst (7:23) 
2. Departed (6:04) 
3. Radical (5:31) 
4. Summit (4:31) 
5. Invaders (6:18) 
6. Bloom (4:26) 
7. Pilgrim (4:44) 
8. Flesh Engine (4:31) 
9. Hyper Reels (0:57) 
10. Iswara (4:27)