KRAVE - Brisbane Based Alt-Metal Powerhouse Release Their Gutsy New Single "Purgatory"

Brisbane Alt-Metallers Krave have broken out of the void that was 2020 with their gutsy and energetic new single 'Purgatory' from their highly anticipated upcoming EP. 'Purgatory' is a melting pot of driving, crushing riffs, irresistible grooves, and powerhouse Halestorm-esque vocals packed into a taut duration of just over 3 minutes. In this fiery and fearless track, the band proves that they are anything but lost in the bleak darkness of purgatory. With passion and adrenaline pumping through every second of the single, 'Purgatory' packs an unforgettable punch and shows a band who are here to make a compelling statement.

Siana, Vocalist, on creating 'Purgatory' 'I tapped my psyche into a moment of my past where the pain was the ruler of my life during the lyric writing of 'Purgatory'. This song acknowledges the realization that the darkness was the cause of your own hurt and starvation of light, and that the individual doesn't have to keep hurting in their darkness anymore. You are not what your pain says you are. So what's left is the darkness trying to regain its power by reminding the individual it's still there, and you wonder when you will be imprisoned again by your own pain in its purgatorial life. 'Purgatory' beckons the question, to be or not to be defeated. It's up to the individual to decide'

Krave on recording the new single "The band was thrilled when we made a date to record 'Purgatory' since it was everyone's favorite song to play! And we were all eager as hell to hear that fast instrumental riff in the editing room! Recorded at Airlock Studios, the atmosphere and recording time were enjoyed by all. We all live tracked together in the same room to immerse ourselves in the song and bond as a group. We firstly focused on drums and bass, trying to be very immaculate in the precision of takes. Then the dual guitars and lead were layered into the song, (everyone had smiles on their faces at this stage). And lastly, the vocals were the cherry on the cake since Siana managed to get her powerhouse vocal melody spot on in one take captured on film!"

Ryan, Guitarist, on filming 'Purgatory' "Purgatory is a song that possesses a lot of attack but also demonstrates reserve in the verses and pre-choruses. This made room for a great music video idea that would demonstrate someone being trapped in between the light and the dark. In Purgatory. The idea for the video was developed through full team collaboration. think music videos are so important, having the visual of the band breaks the music down to real human beings that convey ideas, beliefs, and expressions in a way that’s unique to them"

Incorporating influences such as CKY, Tool & Pantera Krave offers a tasteful & dynamic cross-section of modern rock & alternative metal sure to leave you in a state of bone buzzing adrenaline with driving riffs, exceptional vocal power, and energetic stage presence. Through Siana, Ryan White, and Sam's unparalleled passion and incredibly hard work, the band landed a Queensland Music grant! Krave are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down in 2021!