GROWN - Release New Video "For Life"

Hard Rock/Metal outfit, GrowN, featuring guitarist from Clawfinger, Baard Torstensen have released a music video the title track of the upcoming album "For Life", the third single from the band. The album is out on February 19th, 2021.

After 30 years of separation, they are now banging their heads together making magic! They are GrowN. This is top-notch classic rock delivered right in your face! The whole package are as rock solid and convincing as their age is high. They love it, they mean it and they’re having fun doin’ it.

They are absolutely GrowN and can even do it with the lights on. Where have they been and what have they done? They played together in the band THEO back in the 80s, but slipped apart after the album «The Good The Bad And The Ugly». Since then Baard Torstensen has kept his fingers bleeding touring worldwide with the band Clawfinger, while Harald Dose has been doing some Big-band stuff and acting in several musicals.

During the Covid19 shutdown, they got time to think and breathe. This made them feed a little baby they had. The baby grew fast and now the beast has GrowN! You can really feel the love and passion in this companionship. The separation has done them well and finally here they are.