GOOD FOR A GIRL - Caity Babs Of SiriusXM In The Debut Podcast of SPIRITBOX Courtney LaPlante (VIDEO)

Courtney LaPlante, frontwoman of Progressive Metal outfit, Spiritbox has started her new podcast "Good Gor A Girl". In her first episode, she speaks to Caity Babs - music journalist and radio host at SiriusXM for the rock channel Octane.

During this episode they discuss how Caity and Courtney met on Instagram, SiriusXM and Octane, how entering a DJ competition started Caity’s career, moving from Canada to LA, interning at MTV, working at the online magazine andPOP, how SiriusXM radio host Jose Mangin was a key mentor for Caity, Spiritbox, discovering new bands and featuring them on radio playlists, what Caity looks for when she checks out new bands on social media, struggling to be taken seriously as a women in the music industry, career advice from Caity’s aunty Wendy, the Vancouver metal scene, how Caity first discovered metal by finding an old Mp3 player on the sidewalk, dealing with online trolls, Nickleback, why the music industry requires a thick skin, the value of networking, Caity’s work with Alice Cooper on the new ‘No Cover’ TV series, changing fashion trends in metal, Ghostmane, and more.