GOOD FOR A GIRL - Booka Nile Of MAKE THEM SUFFER In The New Podcast of SPIRITBOX Courtney LaPlante (VIDEO)


Courtney LaPlante, frontwoman of Progressive Metal outfit, Spiritbox has started her new podcast "Good Gor A Girl". In her second episode, she speaks to Booka Nile of MAKE THEM SUFFER - keyboardist/vocalist for Make Them Suffer & guitarist/vocalist for Internet Friends.

During this episode they discuss when Courtney and Booka got stuck on tour in England due to the coronavirus travel ban, Booka’s work in mental health helping patients create music, music as a therapeutic tool, connecting with people remotely and creating music over Skype, how Booka explained to her parents that she had quit her job to join a metal band, managing skin care on tour, why people assume it’s men who write the music in heavy bands, handling online trolls, why Booka chooses to embrace her sexuality, feeling empowered through performing live, on-stage fashion choices, drag culture, and more.