POST PULSE - Get a “Fresh Start” to 2021 With New Single!

Helsinki-based Post Pulse have released an aggressive new song titled, ‘Fresh Start’.

The band decided mid-2020 to take a new, “No Fucks Given” approach to their music, and that decision comes across clearly in the new song. Similarly, ‘Fresh Start’ talks about Mother Nature’s no fucks given approach to cleansing humans from the earth.

”Is this song death metal enough? Can we do animated, South Park-like videos? We’re having fun but is it okay if it shows? No. Fucks. Given. Literally, we have absolutely nothing to lose so why not just do whatever feels good. And we do hope that it shows – the fun we’re having. Is metal serious business? Well, at least for us it’s not a business at all so why be serious, right?” -Antti Karhu, Guitarist

Along with the song, Post Pulse has released a fun, animated music video. The video’s concept was developed by long-time friend of the band Susanna Heiskanen, and executed by Post Pulse guitarist, Antti Karhu.

You can download ‘Fresh Start’, and every Post Pulse song for FREE on the band’s official Bandcamp page: -and if you have a Bandcamp account you can follow them there as well.