DEFEATISTS - Powerful New Single "Skin Deep" Hits A Personal Note

Cardiff’s Alternative band, Defeatist have released a new single `Skin Deep`, their first single release of 2021, following on from the success of their last single `Never Enough`.

Formed in late 2015 from Cardiff, the five-piece deliver a hardcore sound that is highly emotive and introspective. Following the success of their debut single, ‘Mother’, and their heavier second release `Never Enough`, Defeatist are not holding back with their first release of 2021 and are ready for a busy year.

Lyrically and musically, the band consider this new single an evolution of what they have released previously, as they head into a slightly more mainstream territory, while maintaining the core elements of Defeatist. The song explores the emotions and importance of mental health.

Shot and produced by Theodore Swaddling Media, the accompanying video for the `Skin Deep` single is solely a contemporary dance routine, choreographed to artistically represent the complexities, the chaos and the calm that entraps someone in their own head as they suffer from the anxieties and depression flooding over them.