DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT - To Release Album "Bring Out The Dead" via Armalyte Industries on March 26, 2021

Industrial Metal band DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT will release their highly anticipated new album titled Bring Out The Dead, on March 26, 2021 via Armalyte Industries.

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The Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse was founded in 1895 by Wilhelm Schröder. Internationally known for his advances in industrialized butchery...he produced 30% of the meats consumed in the United States. In 1915 tragedy struck the small town he called home when all the livestock took some unexplained fatal disease. The ever resourceful Schröder turned to the only available meat. The townsfolk. When they discovered the terrible truth - they enacted their own form of justice. Feeding the once prolific Schröder to his own machines. The Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse remained eerily quiet and vacant..until one night...horrible noises resembling music emanated from the dank hallways.

DAAP combine elements of rock, metal, industrial, and bring a strong post-apocalyptic / horror influence to our characters and stage show. Shows include: Knotfest 2015, Wasteland Weekend 2018/2019, multiple successful independent tours including a national tour in 2019, appearances, collaborations with international artists Mothmeister, and direct local support for numerous national touring acts from metal, to horror punk, to industrial.

The fanatical cannibals of Dead Animal Assembly Plant have whipped up their own recipe for the horrors of the modern age: with a touch of rock, dash of metal, pinch of industrial, sprinkle in some electronics and heaping helping of madness. Welcome to the slaughterhouse."

The band released single "A Violent Breed" in May, 2020.


1. Cemetery Slums 
2. A Violent Breed 
3. The Ghost of Friedrich Nietzsche 
4. Colors Under Attack 
5. Somewhere Else 
6. Sacred Disgrace (feat. Lulu Black) 
7. Ghost Transmissions 
8. Behold the Righteous Plague 
9. Do the Inferno 
10. The End of You -bonus tracks- 
11. Ironface (2021 version) 
12. God's Gonna Cut You Down feat. Outer Stace (DAAP x NANDO version)