CAVEDWELLER - Come At You With The Blistering Brutality Of “Slow Death”

“Slow Death” is anything but slow; it’s a manic whirlwind of deathcore, complete with a fresh breath of breakdowns, enticing both old and new fans who will feel like they are discovering a new sound. If you took a racing scene from a Nicholas Cage movie and combined it with that scene from The Shining where Jack Nicholson is breaking down that door with an axe, that would be this new track from Fredericton's Cavedweller.

The band's EP “Primal” came out in 2020 and this new stand-alone single is devised to whet fans palate before an expected 2021 full-length release.

Cavedweller comments on the song: 

 ““Slow Death” is a song our drummer originally pitched to us. Most of the structure was there, so we just played around with it a little bit, worked out some kinks, played around with time signatures for a little bit, and eventually ended up with the finished product. Lyrically, the song is about being trapped in a cycle of life, living the same day by day routine and schedule until death.”

Looking to leave an impression with this single, Cavedweller chose this fast, heavy hitter to be their first video. It’s abrasive, in your face and the chaos doesn’t relent for a second.

For this track, drummer Sam Brown came up with the core groove initially, and each of the members threw their own spices into it. Pulling inspiration from the heavy side of the spectrum, proggy rhythmically driven influences, and the core subgenre, the result is quick and dirty, high energy good times, and a raw approach to metal.

Groovy and sporadic with a healthy dose of breakdowns, Cavedweller is recommended for fans of Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, and The Chariot.

The video for "Slow Death" can be watched via its premiere on TheCirclePit. Stream and download available on the following digital platforms:, Spotify.