CANNULA - Launch Brand New Single & Music Video “Fragmentation of a Soothed Soul"

Cannula is a 4-piece metalcore band based in Lancashire, UK, containing members from Gassed Up, Leeched and Decay. With touring experience all over the UK and Europe, the members of Cannula spawned the new project off the back of their usual genres, to delve into a fresh alternative sound, differing to the styles of their counterparts’ bands.

First formed as a lockdown project between vocalist, Shaun Hunkin, and guitarist, Matt Unsworth, the pair wrote the entirety of the band’s upcoming debut 6-track EP in isolation. Both Shaun and Matt play drums and bass in the hardcore/grime outfit, Gassed Up, but desired to explore a new take on the Hardcore genre they love, while also taking on different roles within the band. Later in 2020, Tom Hansell, the current drummer of Manchester metal band, Leeched, was recruited to join the line-up. The band would then later be joined by Toby Hacking, the drummer of Liverpool's emo band, Decay, to complete the line-up, picking up bass duties.

Cannula’s first single is “Fragmentation of a Soothed Soul.” Released on Friday 19th February 2021, accompanied by a music video shot by Gaz Davies Media (Gassed Up, Creak, Bleach, Dreameater). This single takes inspiration from Carl Jung’s theories of synchronicity, archetypal phenomena, the collective unconscious, the psychological complex, and extraversion and introversion.

Vocalist, Shaun Hunkin, sought to intertwine his own experiences of mental health and trauma with psychological research, to create an understanding of why people act the way they act. The ideas of cognitive dissonance are prominent in Shaun’s lyrics and they portray how his own experiences have shaped his behaviour.

“Fragmentation of a Soothed Soul capsulates everything that Cannula is, powerful metalcore with emotive lyrics. This single showcases everything we have to offer as a band.” – Shaun Hunkin