BLUE OX - Premieres "Left To The Drift" Video

Minnesota-based BLUE OX - formed by former members of Dead To Fall, Devilinside, Ambassador Gun, Coma Eternal, and more - will release their third LP, Holy Vore, this April. A new video from the thundering album is now playing exclusively below in the form of an in-studio video for "Left To The Drift" as preorders for the album and more are posted.

The third full-length BLUE OX LP Holy Vore showcases a thundering union of metallic hardcore, d-beat punk, catchy mid-paced chugging, mosh bursts, and fervent howling vocals, embodied by lyrical themes of despair and self-sabotage. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Signaturetone Recording by Adam Tucker and completed with art and design by the band's Luke Olson and Dennis Hanson.

The video for "Left To The Drift" was filmed in-studio by Tucker during the LP's 2019 recording sessions before the pandemic hit. Writes BLUE OX vocalist Dennis Hanson, "This song lyrically is about being on board for the journey of terminal illness of a loved one and the futility of trying to keep something close that is leaving you."