ASIDE FROM THAT- Releases Debut Single "The Heart Of Dreams"

UK-based solo metalcore project Aside From That released their debut single “The Heart Of Dreams” and its streaming video, which premiered via Ghost Killer Entertainment. This heavy track is sure to resonate with many as it explores feelings of betrayal at the hand of someone you trusted and loved.

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"The song is about feelings of being betrayed by someone you held close to your heart. Thinking that you can salvage what you had but you find out by the end of the song that it’s just not possible." - Aside From That

The solo metalcore project Aside From That is based in Northamptonshire, UK and was created as a way to express personal experiences and connect with others while allowing them to realize they are not alone. With influences including Polaris, Architects, and Periphery, their sound will melt your face while pulling on your heartstrings with relatable lyrics.

Aside From That’s debut single “The Heart Of Dreams” and its streaming video premiered via Ghost Killer Entertainment on February 1st, 2021. The vocals were recorded at Initiate Audio and Media in Wellingborough, and the song was produced, mixed, and mastered by Impactful Sounds Studios in Manchester. The streaming video for the track was designed by HAUSFIRE.

With more stories to tell and the desire to share them, Aside From That is just getting started. Be on the lookout for what is to come next because lyrics like these often hit close to home and are able to help, even if just by knowing someone else has felt a similar feeling.