ANDRONIKOS - Takes Us To Hell and Back with “Burning The Heavens”

Andronikos, the metal solo project of Josh Willis, is back with a music video for the single “Burning The Heavens.” The track is a heavy slice of cinematic, epic riff-rock excellence, complete with lush string arrangements, soaring guitar solos and a sing-along chorus sure to get lodged in your head.

For Willis, the track is all about finding a better tomorrow. “I'm sure many of us have found ourselves in scenarios that we know aren't ideal or optimal, but the comfort, familiarity, or fear towards the idea of making changes could make us settle for this pseudo-heaven,” explains Willis. “This song is about burning that current situation down, chasing new horizons, and finding a much better set of circumstances than we could've imagined before.”

The music video focuses on themes of renewal and growth. “For the first half of the video, you'll see an evil portrayal of me in which I'm even possessed at one point,” says Willis, “When the mood and thematic location of the song abruptly shift from Hell to Heaven, I wake up renewed, my eyes are back to normal, and I'm in a peaceful, heavenly forest environment. This represents how the most beautiful circumstances and changes to our lives seem to creep up when we least expect them.”

Born in the darkest depths of Hell, Andronikos is a one-man band delivering cinematic metal music. His debut album King was recorded entirely by himself in a studio just off the shore of the River Styx deep down in the Underworld. Andronikos writes and performs the parts for every musical instrument as well as the vocals.

Listen to the single "Burning The Heavens" now on Spotify.