ALIENIST - Gain Momentum With New Single "Inertia"

Alienist are overcoming all resistance to release their new music - and it's gaining momentum! Their new single 'Inertia' will be released on Friday February 26th - and it will be available on all digital stores and streaming platforms at

Vocalist Lachlan Forsberg says that the meaning and themes of 'Inertia' are "...up for interpretation, but to us it comes from a place we felt during the COVID lockdown, about having a feeling of being stuck in a situation we can't get out of and the dichotomy of having positive and negative effects on our mental health."

This new single premiered this week with multiple impact points - Tuesday night saw both MMM Hard N Heavy and triple j's The Racket spinning the tune and then Heavy Mag giving it it's first online love Wednesday afternoon and The Faction backing it up again on Wednesday night.

The Five-piece metalcore band from Wollongong, Australia started out STRONGLY by winning the Triple J Unearthed competition to play what was one of their VERY FIRST shows ever - with Northlane during the 4D Regional Tour.

Though COVID-19 put obstacles in their way, they released single "Severance" and forged forward.

Hysteria Mag said that "The simple amorality tale of a man up to here with everyone’s shit is as universally appealing as it is defiantly antisocial."

The Backbeat Podcast said that the song consisted of "...multiple intricate layers, Severance allows them to highlight their virtuosic talents. The chorus consistently draws listeners in with its’ clean vocals, catchy melodies, and strong instrumental backbone."

Maniacs praised Severance, saying that "It does a good job of evoking vibes found in bands like Alpha Wolf, Polaris and Architects, so if you're a fan of any of those bands, there will be lots for you to love here too!"

The new song has stepped up it's game production-wise as well - it was Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Clayton Segelov, Assisted by Angie Watson, at The Brain Recording Studios.