A RIVER CROSSING - Release New Single And Video "Death"

ANTIGONY RECORDS is proud to announce that A RIVER CROSSING’s brand new video/single “DEATH” has finally been released. “DEATH” is the second single taken from the upcoming album, due to be released in 2021 on Antigony Records.

This is what the band had to say: "Death, end of life or beginning of something new. Death is just death, as life is just life. Opposites attract. Death visits big animals and small animals. On some days, death comes before the birds awake, on other days, death comes after sundown. Some people light candles when they see death and others hope that death passes by. Humans are restless in life until the moment of reflection comes. A new self-arises. Death is a part of us. What'll happen if death visits you?".

Postrock as a base, but transformed to a much bigger scale. A RIVER CROSSING know how to melt the boundaries of genres. A RIVER CROSSING are feeling, anchor and sadness but nevertheless, hopefulness too. A RIVER CROSSING is not façade and they like to twist the knife. Multifarious arrangements combined with catchy melodies, warm tapestry of sound with cool directness, Postrock with Indie and Shoegaze. Because patterns are made to be broken – so are song structures. The music of this Swiss band is allowed to take time and to curl and to struggle just to turn the direction. Every song tells its own story which climaxes either in a great finale or fades out contemplatively. After the album “Sediment” in 2017, A River Crossing are back in 2020 with new music and they prove again that they do not follow trodden paths. The new album will be out in 2021!