UPON CREATION - Stream New EP "Watching Myself Sleep"

Philadelphia, PA Metal outfit, Upon Creation are proud to release their 3rd EP, “Watching Myself Sleep”. “Watching Myself Sleep” shows the trio further maturing as a band and solidifying their sound in an otherwise repetitive sounding genre.

The latest effort was recorded over the last few years when members Habtu (Vocals), Sansores (Guitar) and Sullivan (Bass) were in the same city.

Regarding the EP’s name, Habtu said, (the title track) “‘Watching Myself Sleep’ is referencing a dream I had about me dying and my spirit trying to revive me. In the dream, my spirit gave up trying to save my own life so I just accepted the fact that I was dead”. Sullivan said, “There’s something about this EP that brings me back to when we were first starting and everything we did was heavy, new and exciting. We’ve known each other for almost 25 years and have been playing together since ’98. John’s musicianship continues to evolve and slay, Yohannes’ storylines remain dark as ever but have clearer messages to the audience and it was cool for me to switch it up and take on the roll as bassist this time around.” “Watching Myself Sleep” will be available on all major digital retail and streaming platforms, Friday, January 8th, 2021 via Wreckin’ Joint Recordings.

Stream the full EP below!


1. Wake
2. The Worst Parts of 
3. Face to Face with God 
4. Watching Myself Sleep