TrueShot - Release New Single Video "Mirage"

The metalcore trio TrueShot is back with their new single "Mirage," a jaw-jacking technical track complete with a satisfying groove. If you've ever found yourself struggling to balance your passion with a conventional career path, this one might be for you.

For vocalist Richard Janvrin, he became a father at the young age of 17 and had to put his dream of music on hold. After many menial jobs and getting himself through college, playing music for a living still lingered, while also balancing the need to support his now 9 y/o son.

In the era of an ever-shortening attention span, TrueShot know that content is king. On the band's YouTube channel, they release reaction/review videos which have garnered response from Ronnie Radke, Jake Luhrs, Jamie Hails, and many other prominent figures in the metal scene.

The band also produces their own podcast called The TrueShot Guest Spotwhere they have interviewed guests such as Frankie Palmeri, Nik Nocturnal, Andrew Baena, and more.

Listen to the single "Mirage" now on Spotify.