THE ORDER OF ELIJAH - Return With Disruptive New Single "I Am The Storm"

Following a hiatus in 2018, Missouri deathcore band The Order Of Elijah has returned with a new single and music video, "I Am The Storm." The bold track is a massive assault of guitars and harsh screams with a tenacious, mathematical rhythm.

"After taking a break from touring and a minor line-up change, we band began writing "I am the Storm" with our original drummer, Reed Arnold," says vocalist Shannon Low. "He wrote most of the rhythm parts on our 2013 album 'Dethrone.' This song represents a new dawn for the band and approaches some of the conflicts that have disrupted the national music scenes."

Like a hardcore John Cena, Low swaggers down the street in the opening scene of the music video before launching into erratic scenes of gun fire, karate gi's, and all out "overindulgence."

In 2016, after years of identifying with the Christian metal scene, The Order Of Elijah drew a media storm when Low confessed in a heartfelt post that he was no longer a Christian. His honesty was applauded by outlets like MetalSucks and Metal Injection, and The Order was quickly adopted into the Secular community as they released their 2018 album, Pathos, Logos, Ethos.

Listen to the single "I Am The Storm" now on Spotify.