THE KOMPRESSOR EXPERIMENT - Shared "Club Soda" Live Session

A few days after the official release of their brand new EP 'KMPXP', Swiss post-prog rockers The Kompressor Experiment just shared a live session recorded with the Club Soda team and available right now for full streaming below.

In other news, 'KMPXP' is still available on a very limited 10' LP edition & Digital through Sunday Fog Records + Bandcamp, Spotify and the Wherepostrockdweels channel.

THE KOMPRESSOR EXPERIMENT is a quartet from Sion (Switzerland) which offers a blend of instrumental progressive rock, metal, stoner rock and post-rock. The band adds to this genre-mix some innovative sounds and tries to push the traditionnal boundaries of rock music.

The musical side of this uncommon project is entwined with a strong visual identity. The band's enclosed with cinematic esoteric visuals and adds to its shows some mesmerizing abstract video projections.

Having recorded an amateur demo in 2013 and played a dozen gigs around Switzerland eversince, THE KOMPRESSOR EXPERIMENT gets into the DIY process of recording its first studio album called 'DOUZE' in 2016.

Three years later TKE gave birth to a second full-length effort called '2001' inspired by the cult movie from Stanley Kubrick.