SIGIL - Releases Video For New Single "Wormtongue"

Independent Las Vegas based alternative metal band SIGIL - Landon Hill (vocals), Farahn Gaiter (drums), Keene Dadian (bass), and Jorge Garcia (guitar)- released their brand new single "Wormtongue" on January 12th. The song was recorded at bassist Keene Dadian's house in his home studio. All live tracking and production was done at NeverMore Recordings in Las Vegas NV with Josh Bearden (Distinguisher). It was then sent off to Mike Sahm of Dream Awake Studios in Portland OR. The band has worked with these 2 for years as they've grown and helped develop the band's overall sound.

Vocalist Landon Hill hopes you take away the following message from the track: "If there’s anything we want fans to take away from “Wormtongue”, its that its okay to be mad or lost. This song really reflects the relationship I have with my anger and how through life you can fall prey to the reaction you give anger and rage. It takes an immense amount of effort to find peace ESPECIALLY during these times and not all of us have it figured out."

Sigil is a 4-piece independent alternative metal band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada that was founded by guitarist Jorge Garcia. It wasn’t until drummer Farahn Gaiter reached out to vocalist Landon Hill in 2017 that the group was officially formed. In fact, “Misery” and “Wormtongue” are the first songs released by Sigil with bassist Keene Dadian’s contribution to the instrumental writing process & it brings the band’s sound to a whole new level. Since their official start, they have played festivals such as the iMatter Festival and the Las Rageous Festival alongside bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Poppy, FEVER333, and Beartooth to name a few. Sigil describes their sound as dark, ominous, and consuming. Taking inspiration from the 90’s metal and industrial era, Sigil hopes to bring a unique and fresh artistic twist to the genre. Each band member wears their own unique Sigil that best represents them. The band hopes to create something visually that will remain with its listeners.