REVELRY GANG - "Transcend" From Hollywood On New Alt-Metal Single

From the streets of Hollywood, alternative metal outfit Revelry Gang is back with their biggest banger to date, "Transcend." The riff-laden track, mixed and mastered by Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, The Word Alive), combines dueling guitar leads and lush production with huge choruses filled with titanic vocals.

For Revelry Gang, the themes of "Transcend" are universal, but come from a personal place. “It’s autobiographical, but it can apply to literally anybody. It’s all about the come up,” explain vocalist Austin Jaser. “For us, it’s rising from the streets of Los Angeles and trying to become the biggest band in the world. For someone else it could be about crushing goals and just ruling at life.”

Revelry Gang has released a video, filmed and directed by Sergey Sandul and Frank Kerrigan of Kerrigan Productions, to accompany the single. The video combines neon-washed live performance with the band having fun in their city. “Our overall message in our music is just to live life however you want and not give a fuck what anyone else does. Just have fun and kill it,” says Jaser. “We tried to tie that into the video and the artwork with contrasting scenes and colors. It’s definitely a vibe anyone can relate to.”

Revelry Gang is a multi-dimensional band that seeks to break genre barriers and rewrite the rules of what it means to be a band in the modern era. Formed by frontman Austin Jaser & lead guitarist Tommy Bradley, they are rounded out by the powerhouse rhythm section of drummer Michael Fechter and bassist Mitch McCracken. Revelry Gang bring their own unique blend of raw attitude and technical finesse to the forefront of modern music. 

Listen to "Transcend" now on Spotify.