OMEGA DIATRIBE - Announce New Drummer, Ex-EKTOMORF Daniel Szabo

The Hungarian extreme groove metal band Omega Diatribe changed their drummer, after releasing their quite intense fourth record called Metanoia, which was produced by the famous Swedish producer Jens Bogren.

After the relatively short career in the band, Richard Szpuszenik’s job has been taken over by Daniel Szabo, who can be known from Ektomorf’s and Bloody Roots’s history.

Founder guitarist, Gergo Hajer said the following about the member exchange: 

"Fortunately, the member change happened in the best possible way. It has always been the most important for Omega Diatribe to operate like a family, in sync, since this can affect the stage performance. Thankfully, the unity is complete again and heavier than ever before!"

Then drummer, Daniel Szabo continued: 

“We try to spend more and more time together to reach the point when you can listen/see the band in the heaviest form if the live music can finally get a green flag. Luckily, this style suits me perfectly, so I can lightly get myself through this progressive groove-labyrinth.”

The band and its management work at full blast on the replacement of national and international concerts, which hopefully will be held during this year.

Singer, Milan Lucsanyi added: 

“Overall the crew behind the band is working very effectively, so hopefully, when the gates open, we can get on a bus and head all the way through the continent. Of course, the chaos is numerous in the background and no one knows anything for sure, but we are greatly happy, that the organisers are also working with us to get back on stage.”

Furthermore, you can check out Omega Diatribe's behind the scenes movie for the music video of Parallel and the video itself below!