OCTOPUS MONTAGE - Releases Wholesome Video For Brand New Dynamic Single "Dopamine"!

Following on from the highly anticipated and very successful previous releases, including the anthemic "Grow Up", the candid "Right Here With Me" and the vicious "A Shortcut", pop punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage is now back with a fourth brand new single, which aims to further establish and confirm the quality of the group's activity, musicianship and likeability - "Dopamine"! Creating a captivating blend of vocal passages, dynamic guitars, a prominent rhythm section and an abundance of talent and character from the musicians, "Dopamine" showcases the more personal nature of the group through the peculiar composition and the genuine sincerity and realness of the utilized lyrics, all further highlighted by the accompanying video’s nature and specifics.

Octopus Montage describes "Dopamine" further: "This track is a self-deprecating, angst-fueled explosion, disguised as a catchy pop-punk tune. It focuses on the mindset in which many people find themselves in when in their late teens and early 20’s, when an individual has to start acting like a "proper adult" and has no idea how to do so. The song looks upon issues such as lifelong friends entering long-term relationships,moving up in their life whilst the individual is still single, working a dead end job and living at home, hence the need for a release of dopamine in the brain - a naturally created chemical in the brain known as a feel-good transmitter."