MAKENA - Resonates With Mental Health Battles in New Single "A War Within"

Alternative rock quintet Makena expressed having to deal with the constant battles of mental health problems in their brand-new track 'A War Within', released via Famined Records.

Makena's distinct intense and melodic instrumentation matched with powerful vocals and lyrics that hit close to home is heavily showcased in 'A War Within', a song about going through a psychotic episode and dealing with mania as a whole. The band have been known to share their deeply rooted emotional and personal thoughts through their music. In 'A War Within', Makena wants to remind us that we're not alone in our struggles.

Vocalist Dom Cuzzo offered the vision behind the track: "It's about when even your own mind is against you. Some days are bearable, but others are much harder to get through. All the while, your mind is telling you that you’re not enough. It can make you feel totally helpless and drive you to do the unthinkable. Even eluding to taking yourself out of the equation just to end the suffering."