JJ's ONE GIRL BAND - Release METALLICA's Guitar Cover "Ride The Lightning"

German guitarist of the band Oversense, Jassy J. Metal, better known as a YouTuber under the name of JJ's One Girl Band has released a METALLICA's classic guitar cover "Ride The Lightning".

She commented:

"Happy New Year everyone! 

This one is a Metallica classic among Master Of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, Seek & Destroy, One, Fade To Black, Blackened, and many more! Catchy riff, catchy song! I hope you enjoy my cover as I played both rhythm parts and also both guitar solo parts. Also if you like you can check my 10 Iconic Metallica Riffs list! Featuring other riffs! Let me know in the comments below how you enjoyed this one! =) I learned it within 3 hours, that's my record with such a guitar solo haha. 

Also, this one features the brand new Ibanez RGD7521PB-DSF - a new release of 2021 =)"