JJ's ONE GIRL BAND - Release KORN's Guitar Cover "Freak On A Leash"

German guitarist of the band Oversense, Jassy J. Metal, better known as a YouTuber under the name of JJ's One Girl Band has released a KORN's classic guitar cover "Freak On A Leash".

She commented:

"This one is a Korn classic among Here To Stay, Blind and many more! Catchy riff, catchy song with a brutal breakdown! I hope you enjoy my cover as I played both rhythm parts. On the left the guitar plays one chord each bar during the chorus, the left guitar is strumming the chords in the rhythm pattern.

I added pitch shifting effects with my Whammy DT afterwards. Also I included some camera shots where I didn't record the audio to for more cinematic effects. Just noticed a small cutting mistake in the beginning, but well xD

Also this one features the brand new Ibanez RGD7521PB-DSF - a new release of 2021 =)"

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