IN A PREVIOUS LIFE - Are Taking A Look Back At The Past, In Order To Tell What Their Future Is Going To Be

The band, born at the end of 2016 in Italy, is making his own path step after step, leaving behind them lots of satisfactions and some disappointments. Starting with their debut album "IN THE WOMB OF THE WORLD", published in 2018 and giving them the opportunity to do many concerts in Italy and make a solid community, led them to a tour in Ukraine. This one remains one of the most constructive experiences for the band, since one of the components abandoned just a few hour before the leaving, but they kept on going, facing all the problems they had in the tourn and achieved the desired result.

In 2019 the band, with a new member, decided to go to recording studio again and shape their next work, but when everythig was almost done, a guitarist and the drummer left the project. All along the 2019, the other ones tried to return to the right path.

At the beginning of 2020, IN A PREVIOUS LIFE aren't giving up and announce the new album with a music video, put off due to Covid-19 emergency. 
During the first phase of the lockdown they released the single "BLACK SUN", reaching thousands of streams. So they decided to release also another single, "THE WORLD'S SO FUCKED UP", that also brings lots of streams and, in the meantime, their fanbase is always growing up.

By mid-year they finally manage to shot the new music video and give birth to "WITHOUT HATE", that due to some advertising campaigns reaches 34.000 views. WITHOUT HATE is not a common music video, it leaves space to the plot and to some cinematic scenes. 
The plot sends a strong message: if people have a common goal and share the same feelings, they can do great things, even help who is trying to run away from what he does not understand.

Little over a month after the release of the video, the band released the remaining tracks of the album, under the same name of the video, "WITHOUT HATE". At the end of the year, the band has thousands of streams on Spotify in more than 65 countries.

The band announced that they want to start again with the recording of the new work on April.