EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: VESTIGIAL - Release Video For New Single "Aegis"

Emerging Michigan Melodic Death Metal outfit, Vestigial, are back with their new single, "Aegis". This is the first single from their upcoming third full length album, "The Painted World", which debuts later in 2021.

From vocalist/guitarist Michael Stellema, "Aegis is a powerful and aggressive song that contains all the elements of who we are as a band today. Angry riffs, looming bass lines, and intense drumming all meet our newly explored singing vocals and symphonic layers. Lyrically, Aegis dives directly into the concept of 'The Painted World' where I wanted to advocate the idea of rejecting any principle that seeks to put you in a box. I'm very happy with how the video portrayed our vision and I think everybody can find something to take away from this track."