ETERNAL - Release New EP ”Stillness” and Music Video for ”Motion in Stillness”

Finnish hypermodern metal band External have released their new EP “Stillness”. Each song was released individually once a month starting from September and now ending with “Motion In Stillness”, which is also accompanied by a music video.

The band tells: 

"Stillness" was born in the uncertain spring of 2020. We were supposed to work on our second album, but when the pandemic hit, we all quarantined in our homes. During that time, completely out of nowhere, this set of songs was manifested. Musically, it’s quite different from anything we have done before. The songs ended up in more of an alternative direction, embracing many of our influences outside of metal, such as third stream jazz and the British jazz scene, contemporary classical music such as Ólafur Arnalds and Nordic visionaries like the legendary Björk.”

“Four of the songs have been previously released as singles, and now the final one, ”Motion in Stillness”, pieces together the entire puzzle. Accompanied by a music video, the song works as a thematic centerpiece for the EP, representing the core and soul of the music that was born in silence and isolation. It embraces people’s ability to find beauty in smaller things, meaning from meaninglessness and sources of light in the dark, even (and especially) during weird times like these.”

“Each track on the EP is embodied by a beautiful painting by Teemu Mikaél. His artistic vision definitely breathed some new life to the songs.”


1. Feet Don’t Fail 
2. Against the Wind 
3. Motion in Stillness 
4. Hunting Butterflies 
5. Inertia