CHEMOSPHERE - Presents Their Newest Single Video "Time Won't Last"

Chemosphere's new single is Time Won't Last, an unbelievably catchy single that is sure to catapult this trio's music career to new, undiscovered heights! Mixing melodic parts with harshest ones, Time Won't Last is that fix you were begging for if you ever were or are a progressive metal fan. Chemosphere has known how to masterfully recreate the formula that brought great renown to so many other formations, with an impeccable composition, execution, production and music video to present this single that will define the new direction Chemosphere is taking.

With an astonishing instrumental work backing up colorful vocals, Time Won't Last is proof enough by itself of the superb quality Chemosphere is going to be putting up in future releases, having created an absolute masterpiece. It is not common that, after such a reformulation of the line-up, moving Javier from just playing the bass to also sing, a band can produce such a quality work, but here it is! Time Won't Last tries to recreate different atmospheres without resorting to use samples, making an incredible job at maximizing and optimizing the effects added into the instruments' tracks. To round everything up, part of the vocal tracks here seems to be trying to make up for the fact that Chemosphere is a trio by using guttural voices mixed with clean ones alongside godly choruses!

If you did not know about Chemosphere before, now it is a perfect time to do so: with Time Won't Last, the band is coming stronger than ever and ready to put a fight to get to the very top of the progressive metal scene.