SYNASTRY - Posts Lyric Video For Title Track of Groove-Fueled EP “Civilization’s Coma” Out Now!

After being silent for nearly a decade, Montreal's Synastry unleashed their new EP “Civilization’s Coma” this past November. The band made a name for themselves on the Quebec and Ontario tour circuits in the early 2000s along with their releases Pallets Of My New World (2006) (EP) and Blind Eyes Bleed (2008) (LP). In 2012, the band went dormant, where they remained until 2020 remerging from the shadows.

The band is sharing their lyric video for their new EP's title track, which can be viewed below!

The band adds: 

"The title track of the EP is a dissonant groove fest that gets into you and doesn’t let go. Everything is super heavy yet infectious. Vocals have the longest continuous scream by James Aniston doing a 22 second inhale scream starting at 2:34. The lyrics are about how civilization is on autopilot, consideration, and compassion is out the window for everyone, yet we all share the suffering for it, but choose to do nothing."