ENTROPY - Shares Lyric Video For Album Title Track “Force Convergence”

Canada's Entropy unleashed their fourth album “Force Convergence” this past August. The full length is a 30-minute metal rip-ride! It's a creative and fun progressive thrash full length that flows with power, melody, and aggressiveness along with it being a story-driven sci-fi horror experience. There are lyrical influences from bands like Rush, Queensryche, Voivod, Iron Maiden, plus films such as Aliens, Predator, War Of The World’s, Independence Day, with a tinge of war scene themes throughout the story concept from films like Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Starship Troopers, mixed in for fun.

With an original and eclectic sound that is 30 years in the making, “Force Convergence” follows Entropy's three independently released Ashen Existence (1992), Transcendence (1995), and E3 (2012). The Canadian legends are suitable for all metalheads especially those who enjoy Slayer, Pantera, and Iron Maiden.

Guitarist Dan Lauzon comments about the story behind the track:
"The first time we played this one live was in 2014 without Ger even having lyrics ready yet because I conned him into performing just to see how it would be received live haha. Over the years we vaulted it and it went over a few changes, partly because it was older and you just can't help yourself making it better. When we started jamming this again to tighten everything up before the studio, I had forgotten just how heavy a song it was. That ending riff is classic Entropy, making a pile of time changes sound cohesive."

"Force Convergence" is now out and available on Entropymetal.com (CD) plus Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital platforms HERE.
Track Listing:
1. Everything Falls (1:03)
2. Ripzone (4:10)
3. Planetary Impact Extinction (6:30)
4. Threshold of Decimation (4:44)
5.Weaponized Storm System (4:52)
6. Transmigration (2:41)
7. Force Convergence (5:11)
Album Length: 29:15